January 23, 2016

Mac’s Remove White/Page Curl

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Posted solely to allow download of the files to install Mac’s Remove White and Page Curl in newer versions of Photoshop than they were made for.  Tested in CS2 and CS3 as well as PS7.

Copy MSVCRT10.DLL into windows folder.
This will make remove white and page curl work in newer versions of PS/Windows.

Copy the 8BF files into the photoshop filters folder.

You might have to right-click, save-link-as to get the files.
Also, you might get a password popup. Just click cancel.

All files in a zip

Page curl

Remove white

The .dll file


November 12, 2013

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More fun stuff from the job search.

At first glance, I thought this was “lighthouse keeping” and thought, COOL.
Then I realized that it wasn’t.
Then I realized that it was kind of creepy.




That is all.  No, actually it’s not.  I don’t understand Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word.  It’s silly.


Speaking of silly.  The name, and the product.sportula

November 8, 2013

That’s just sad, really.

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The fact that we need “crowd management” for sales.  Is sad.

But obviously necessary, when you look over past years.  It was great, seeing our proud and wonderful country headlining even in British papers – because of department store tramplings and so forth.

I’ll still probably apply.  Might be worth it for the entertainment value, huh?


November 5, 2013

I once saw an ad…

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I was sorely tempted to apply for this job.
But the meter was off.


November 4, 2013

Job Hunting Fun

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So I’m job hunting, and I’m finding that the ads on Craigslist are entertaining in their own right.


Because why would an older man not need a mommy?  And what does “bohemian” mean, in this context?



I want to take the job just so I can re-write their ad.



Same poster.  I really am not sure what they are even advertising for there.



I just thought it was humorous that you contact Colon to work in Food Distribution.  Yeah, that’s the closest you’ll ever get me to telling a bodily-function joke.


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