November 8, 2013

That’s just sad, really.

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The fact that we need “crowd management” for sales.  Is sad.

But obviously necessary, when you look over past years.  It was great, seeing our proud and wonderful country headlining even in British papers – because of department store tramplings and so forth.

I’ll still probably apply.  Might be worth it for the entertainment value, huh?


July 28, 2013

It’s A Love Story. Springfield Style.

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We decided to run to a nearby taco place for dinner, and while in the parking lot I noticed a sort of…flow to the other businesses.

It started at the Westend Tavern.  Their eyes met across the crowded bar, and they knew (after a few shots and some nachos) that it was meant to be.


He decided that the best way to prove his undying love would be to run next door for a tattoo of her name…no, her FACE, emblazoned across his chest.


Of course, being a Springfieldian, she was of course enchanted.  After a brief make-out session in the back of his Pinto, they set the date, and the preparations began.

First stop, flowers!  Oh, it’s hydroponics?  What the hell is that, even?  Oh well.  Give me a bouquet of pot leaves, that’ll do.


Next stop, the beauty shop!  Gotta get those roots touched up, extensions adjusted and how about some color-blocking ala “Sons of Anarchy” hottie Gemma.  And let’s get a trim for that mullet, boyo!  You’re looking like a hippie!


They were getting a little impatient to consummate their undying love, and love was on their side this day.  A zodiac wedding chapel?  OMG you’re a Sagittarius?  I’m an Aries!  OHEMGEE!

And they do vehicle lettering and LED signing – does that mean a big, bright JEST MARIED sign on the back of the Pinto?  I think it does!


Now for the reception…perfect!  Food, drink and video gambling!   Get the DJ from the wedding place and call the folks, we got us a shindig!


But really, all that tequila from Westend (see above) is starting to take its toll.  Fortunately, the Bistro has that covered.  Hair of the dog, and hangover cures!


Well, I think we all know how this story ends.  A long, happy life together…oh, did she mention Tommy, the crazy ex…and Brenda, his baby mama?  Kids?  You never said you had kids!  Well I was gunna, soon as you explain what Tommy’s saying about your daddy-brother!


The End.

January 11, 2012

Senior Picture

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July 27, 2011

Another bird

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Once again, a less-than-full-grown bird has happened into our lives in need of help.  The difference is, this one looks like it might have a chance of surviving.

My daughter found it – it’s a pigeon by the way – in the dirt under the overpass near my work.  It didn’t make any move to get  up or escape, so she thought it might be hurt.  She had part of a shirt she’d been taking apart with her, so she used it to pick it up and bring it to me.  I borrowed a carrier from work and brought it home.

I took him home. I took him out of the carrier and took a good look at him. He seems fine – doesn’t have any asymmetry or anything like he’s broken a wing, doesn’t fight or struggle like anything hurts. He’s obviously uncomfortable at being handled, but I think being that young helped him adapt to the situation somewhat.

The thing is, his legs don’t seem to work. At all. They are just kind of there and floppy. He can push himself along the ground with his wings, and seems to be somewhat practiced at it, but the legs just drag behind. Otherwise, he seems fine. He’s eating, drinking, reacting to his surroundings; all the stuff a bird should be doing. Just can’t use those feet.

Time will tell how this turns out, but maybe…just maybe…this one will live.

July 2, 2010

Waste Not : Donation

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(this is a cross-post from The Secret Chicken)
I hate wasting things. Unfortunately, it means that sometimes, but trying not to waste, I end up wasting even more. Don’t throw that away, it might be useful someday! And of course it never is, and what is more wasteful than having a possibly useful item sitting in a box in the garage? Yeah.

We all have neat things, things we see value in, but which have no real value in our lives. And we ask ourselves, “Why am I keeping this? It’s useless to me! But it’s so neat, and it still has uses…”, so we keep it. In a closet, in a box in the garage, hell, in extreme cases we keep them in storage units because it’s just too hard to get rid of it.

This is where donating comes in. It’s a way of letting these ever-so-useful items become useful again – to someone else.


A lot of us shop at thrift stores, but we don’t consider that we could donate just as easily. We see things that we need, things we didn’t know we needed until we saw them…so why can’t we do that for someone else? Give them a chance to see our neat things, and let them see how much they need neat things.

Last week, I had a few things I wanted to donate. Not much, but a few things. Some clothes my daughter let me pry from her hands, mostly. I put them in a box in the living room, and told my roommate it was there, if he wanted to add to it. And miracle of miracles, he did! He added a jacket he’d had since the 80’s. Some shirts he’d had almost as long, things he’s had in his closet because they were too nice to throw away, but didn’t fit him anymore. They did have some sentimental value, they were from peak of his youth and all that. It was hard. But knowing that someone else can use them, that made it possible. It made it a good thing, not an angst-driven purging.

And what that means, is that somewhere out there…there is a person who will find that jacket. That jacket that looks like it was made from the upholstery of my grandmother’s couch…and think it’s neat.

And that is why we donate.

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