December 29, 2008

Great Moments In “Duh” Research

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A while back, I commented on how they spent actual time and money researching the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you hold a hot cuppa something.

Another one has appeared:  Parental rejection can cause gay kids to have higher suicide rates and engage in risky behavior.  Duh.

Or as Djin said, what about straight kids?  Yeah, probably the same result.

Again, I don’t understand why we need to do research on this stuff.  We already knew this, didn’t we?  Do we really need to spend time and money on stuff that should be a great big “DUH”?

I guess in a way it’s good, because now we can force these parents who are in such huge denial that it really is the wrong way to do things.   It just kind of pisses me off that it takes this to get so many people to do what should be their first instinct as a parent.

2 responses to “Great Moments In “Duh” Research”

  1. Steveed says:

    I had the same reaction. Obviously this study really says, “Some people should never have children”.

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