August 15, 2013

Free-Floating Anxiety

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Since I went in to the doc last week, I’ve been experiencing what I can only describe as “free-floating anxiety”.  It’s not something I’m used to, or at least not for such an extended period of time.

It’s almost a physical sensation – like I’m a little tense and that sort of fluttery lump in the pit of my stomach is always there.  I’m familiar with the short-term variety, when something big is about to happen or I’m really worried about something, but there is no real cause to this and nothing seems to make it better – or worse, for that matter.

Nothing has changed.  No new medications, no huge life changes (other than the one that didn’t happen), so I’m not sure what the deal is.

I go in to see my girly doc in November, but that’s a long time to go feeling so weird.  Not sure what to do about it.  Especially since my daily Happy Pill (citalopram) is supposed to aid in anxiety, but doesn’t seem to be.  Or if it is, not enough.  Ugh.


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