The Secret Chicken

stories of a secret chicken

Shut up.


I can’t help it. I’m sorry.

yeah, it’s from my regular digital camera, so no sound. Assume he sounds cute.



Found the camera. In the camera pocket of my bag, whoda thunk?
New oddball pictures:

I hung out with him in the yard today, he wanted to stay on my shoulders so I lay on the grass on my stomach to see if he wanted to explore some. He walked down my back, got about mid-leg, turned around and walked back up to my head.

I always wanted a shoulder pet.



I brought my odd chicken home, and he’s damn cute, and I can’t find the camera.

Life can be so cruel!

He’s in a big tote in the garage at night and while I’m at work, I let him hang out with the big chickens in the afternoon as long as I’m around – he can fit through the bars, and I dread the cats finding him before I do.

Oh – it turns out, chickens are kind of stupid. Who knew? I brought them home a flock block (think 25lb chicken cookie) and I still don’t think they realize what it is. They are eating the crumbles off the ground, but not working at the block at all. And they said dodo’s were extinct…

Holy Capons, Batman!


what the heck???

There’s this little chickie at work, he came in a couple weeks ago. He was smaller than the other california whites in there, and had odd almost fur, instead of chick fluff. There were little weird red afro-hairs coming out of it. I took him aside into the brooder near my desk that we saved as the combination hospital wing/saved order area. People on told me that he’d feather out…but so far, no. He’s got wing feathers, but none of the feathering elsewhere. Still the short fur and the afro-hairs.

I really want to take him home, but he’s really looking like a boy. Boy chickens are loud and annoying. I am talking to my mom about it, and she says that her brother was going to get rich once with capons, castrated male chickens. So I google it…maybe castrating them will make them less roostery? Can’t be too hard, right?

Keerist…and people did this at home. There are still “caponizing kits” sold on websites today. For reals. Stab a hole in the side of your chicken for fun and profit!

No, I pass. ugh. I’ll probably still bring him home, but I’m not sure how it’s gonna work.

You can do this:


Or this: