The Secret Chicken

stories of a secret chicken

Boys are SO stupid.


Oddball started crowing this weekend. June 20th, 5:25ayem.

I’ve got neighbors on either side of me who probably won’t appreciate that.

So I did what land-hardened farmers have done for generations:

I googled “stop rooster crowing”.

As a result, Oddball will be sleeping in a cat carier in my closet tonight. This does two things – first, keeps him from being able to stretch out that scrawny neck of his to get into crowing position. Apparently it has nothing to do wiith vocal cords, but with the way they situate their bodies. Second, it will ensure that he doesn’t get daylight until I want him to. I get up a little after 5ayem anyway, but at least if he starts up he’ll be inside where he won’t annoy the neighbors.

If he keeps me awake, I’ll have to put him out in the garage, but that seems kind of mean, especially since there is smoke-break traffic going through there at all hours. So he will sleep in my closet.

Um…is it weird to sleep with a chicken in your closet?

Architecture, it’s my hobby.


Ugly, yet functional.
The picture seen here is Oddball’s new whitetrash chicken condo. Complete with dolphin-shower-curtain rain cover. The frame is welded metal, got it from work. It came in holding a passle of wheelbarrow tubs. I fenced it in, put in a door and some dowels for roosting…and WahLah! Freaky Chicken Paradise.

This weekend, I’m hoping to get some rabbit-proof fence to put up, and some weldwire to make a bigger bunny hutch. Bunbun needs some running around room.

Long day.


It was a long day. Crappy day. Thank goodness for cherry-limeaides spiked with smirnoff. and chickens who love me. and a friend who says, my husband has to work late, lets go to dinner. and Toshi’s ramen. and butterscotch pudding ice cream.

and Henery, who loves me.

Who loves me this much?


Enough to make some of these for Oddball?




he’s almost as big as the silkie (bantams) now, but they still run at him when he tries to join them. So, he remains in the potting bench for now.

I’m bringing home a big metal frame thing, 5x6x3, that’s going to be bunny/oddball condo. Can’t wait to start building this weekend.


Everyone’s a Critic


Oddball decided to help the kiddo with her EDCRO paper. He was about as useful as I was.
EDCRO Oddball
Last night was his first night with rain, so I put the newly-replaced shower curtain over his enclosure to shelter him. Now he’s being protected by dolphins.

You can do this:


Or this: