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First night with the new ladies


We live in town. In front of our house is a nice, quiet neighborhood and a park, but in the back, it’s a busy 4-lane road. There is a fence there, it’s probably 7ft high. It’s a nice fence, the landlord put it in shortly before we moved in. On the other side of the fence, some overgrown apple trees and a shitload of blackberry bushes.

Yesterday was our first day with the new girls. They did pretty well all day, and a little before 9pm (regular bedtime for the outside animals) I went out to check them out. The ladies were working their way towards their enclosure, and I noticed that the Sussex was on top of the enclosure.

Now, this enclosure is made of fence on one side and dog exercise panel on the outside, topped with bird netting. My chickens have never shown interest in going up there, because the wire is too narrow to be stable, and the bird netting is floppy.

But there she was. I walked over and took her down, then started looking for the Barred Rock. Nowhere to be seen. I looked all over – in front of the house, in the garden, nope.

So, given the location of her friend, I assumed she was over the fence. We looked, but a speckled chicken in the bushes in the dark…

This morning, I got up and took Oddball outside, let the bunny out, let the ladies out, and stood on the chair to see if I could see the chicken in the brush. Nope.

A couple hours later, I noticed Minki kitty paying inordinate attention to a particular section of fence. On a hunch, I grabbed the chair again and looked over…and there she was. Stupid chicken.

The next hour was spent scrambling through the brier patch trying to snag the damn chicken and put her in a cat carrier. Understand – to get to the other side of that fence, it’s a 2-block walk. There is no gate. So with my roommate on the inside with a rake, and myself on the outside with the carrier, we finally gave up. Roommate finally came around and we just cornered her behind the apple tree. Very traumatic.

I had some enforced bonding time with the new ladies.
As soon as we got back to the yard, the new ladies got their summer haircuts.

Our Hero, Minki

Our Hero, Minki

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