The Secret Chicken

stories of a secret chicken

Egg #3


It looks like the Speckled Sussex is the egg-layer. She’s quite proud, as well. Today was the first time I’ve been around for the happy event, all the ladies were in a tizzy, hovering around her as she nestled into the little burrow the bunny made under the verbena.

I bought a second pet barn the other day, they were having a garage sale across the street and there it was…so I layered some hay in there and put one of Speckles’ eggs in there…hoping they’ll use it for nesting, the bunny hovel is going to get crowded otherwise.

Still looking for an equitable solution to Oddball. He really wants to stay out with the ladies, but I can’t let him wake the neighbors when the sun rises. I’ve been letting him bed down with them, then taking him to bed when I go to bed (around midnight) so at least he gets to cuddle up for a couple hours. Poor boy.

UPDATE! Egg #4 came an hour or so after this one. It’s from the Ameracauna this time, a nice wasabi-green egg. Very pretty.

It’s an Egg!


After months of preparation and care, accompanied later by daily searches through the underbrush, we have an egg.



Not sure which chicken is the proud producer, but hopefully it’s a sign of more to come. I wonder, should I get a little “free range” stamp, since they’ve decided to lay under the verbena?



On the outskirts of a small city in Oregon, rampaging cannibal chickens are taking over a small yard.

The catalyst: a chicken corn dog.

Even this small flock of just seven birds can strip a corn dog of its sweet corny exterior in seconds, exposing the chickeny insides under the cruel efficiency of their beaks. Within minutes, there is nothing left but the bare wooden stick, a sad testament to what was once a chicken – just like them.



I started a Cafe Press store, featuring the Secret Chicken doodle. Yes, I know.

Now, go buy a travel mug.

My Little Man!


Oddball now won’t let me carry him into the house at all. I have to open the gate and let him walk. Then he trots right into the house, much to the consternation of the dogs (and confusion of the cats).
oddball _enters

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