The Secret Chicken

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Oddball…the Angsty Years.


So Oddball. My strange little rooster.

A couple weeks ago, he decided he didn’t like sleeping in the garage anymore, and started trying to stay out with the girls. I started letting him go to sleep out there, and bringing him in later. (was easier to catch him, anyway).

Now he’s arguing about that too. And yesterday he took a run at me – for what reason, I don’t know.

He was very sweet until recently, he’s smaller than he probably should be, and was sort of a “shoulder chicken”. But now, he’s kind of a butthead.

I’m considering that I may have to find him a new home. Which would suck. But maybe he’d be happier where he could crow at 5am like a “real” rooster. And I wouldn’t have to cover the chicken house overnight to keep him from waking up too early – it’s not fair to the girls, you know?


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