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Christmas is Coming


The goose is getting fat…
And it’s a good time to say Happy and Merry! to everyone who cares, and who we care about. So, I present the Christmas Kittens!
Hmm, Spike and Nox don’t seem thrilled by the hats, do they? Wonder if they’d be happier if I got them matching mittens…

Chicken Hats


Due to the lack of exciting chicken news, I’ve decided to put up some links to some neat chicken hats.  This was inspired by a trip to The Mall yesterday, where we saw a chicken hat at the Elephant’s Trunk.

First, we have the World Famous Chicken Hat.  Says so right on the page.


Not bad, but not hardly a cold-weather headpiece, huh.

This looks a little warmer.   And, it’s the Best Little Chicken Hat on the Web. Again, it says so right on the page.


Super cute, covers the ears.  I like it.

Then there’s this.  The Clucker.


I just don’t know.  It looks like that man is enjoying his hat much more than is typically called for, and it sort of creeps me out.  Oh, and no ear flaps.  The legs don’t count.

For the party-chicken, there is the Oktoberfest Chicken Hat.


Another guy too happy with his chicken.  I’m not sure I approve of giving alcohol to chickens, I don’t believe they are of legal age!

Here, a nice homestyle hat – a Knit Chicken Ski Cap.


I gotta say, this is my favorite.  Not too flashy, not too childish, practical ear flaps and liner.  And tassels.  How can we not love tassels?

So, if anyone wants a holiday gift-giving idea for me, make it the tasseled chicken hat.

To Heat, or not to Heat…


…that was my question.

Turns out, a lot of people have that same question, and as with armpits and bodily orifices, there are many differing opinions on the matter.

What I’ve done so far is this:  when I noticed the chickens huddling more to sleep, I put the brooder heat lamp outside the chicken door to the coop.  It shines some heat inside, some outside.  My logic (such as it is) is that they’re birds – birds have feathers and monster body heat.  But maybe just a little something near the feeder would be nice for them.

Then this morning, I get up and the water bucket thing is frozen solid, and it made me start googling again.  I found this thread on the BackYard Chicken forum, but like I said, it’s all opinion.

In the end, I’ll probably just end up leaving it as is.  I may move the light out a bit more, put the water bucket thing under it and see if that helps.  But if I block the light too much, where will the cats hang out??

As a side note, as I was googling for images of cold chickens, I came across this one:


Click it to see where it’s from – a coffee place in the San Joaquin Valley.  It sounds like a fantastic drink, and what a great name for it.  Makes me wish I lived anywhere near there.  Or at least could visit.

Winter Chickens


The ladies are pretty mellow right now, getting up later and going to bed by 5pm.  Lazy, I tell ya.   Also their egg-laying has diminished – I’m lucky to get 3 a day now, and none from the Araucanas at all. The smallest, Buttercup, has been the most faithful producer that I can tell, because I have one small white egg every day.


I’ve started feeding them scratch grains along with ther pellets, to help them keep bulked up.  I put out a motion-sensor light and a heat lamp, thinking that maybe it would help them decide to stay up later, but no.  The motion sensor usually only catches cats, and the heat lamp…well, take a look:


That’s not a chicken.  That’s a Toaster cat, coming to see why I disturbed his nap in the sun.

The cats have been happy with chickens, they have fun chasing them and the chickens don’t seem to mind.  Twinkles has started liking bread lately, so she joins the ladies at the treat dish.  I had a picture of them sharing a bagel, but I’m not sure where it went.

I was given the idea of strapping a camera onto a chicken, and seeing what comes back.  When I search, I find cameras watching chickens, but none from the chicken point of view.  And after reading this article, I think it would be a great idea.  I just need a camera now.  *Christmas present hint*

Guess that’s it for today, the ladies just aren’t that exciting right now unless they think they are getting treats.  Pfft, just like a woman.

You can do this:


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