The Secret Chicken

stories of a secret chicken

It’s that time again…


I visited Wilco the other day, talked to Jen (who does the chick ordering). I got a sneak peek at what they are expecting this year, and wow it’s going to be hard to not get more this year. I mean, I don’t need any more, but man. There were several types I’ve never heard of, but I guess that’s not too surprising considering how new I am to chickening.

I think that if I were to get any more, I’d pick a Dorking. I really like the looks of her.

But I have to keep telling myself: I will not get more chickens. I will not get more chickens. NO!

Green Eggs (hold the ham)


For the last few weeks, I’ve gotten only 2 brown eggs a day from my six girls. That means that the Aracauna’s weren’t laying at all – until this last weekend.

While I was gone chaperoning my daughter’s visit to a Kumo buddy, green eggs began appearing once more in my hen house. I still don’t know which of the brown-egg layers are laying, but now I can definitely say: Sicilian buttercup is not, turken is, now both Aracauna’s are. That leaves the barred rock and speckled sussex as wild cards.

Side note: Can’t not like chicken comics. I’ve tried, doesn’t work.

You can do this:


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