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Been a while…


but the ladies are doing just fine.

All six of them are laying now, on a pretty regular basis.  This means a lot of “anyone want eggs” posts on my facebook page now, but no one complains.

I learned a great recipe the other day that will help use up a days worth at a time – the Dutch Baby.

My sister was passing through on her way from the coast going home (back to Idaho), and we decided that instead of her trying to find my house, we’d meet up at a breakfast place near the freeway – Elmer’s.  I used to eat at the one in Tigard when we lived there, and have never been disappointed.

Well, either they’ve changed or it’s just different here, but it was not the same Elmer’s I was used to.  This isn’t a bad thing, not at all.  There were things on the menu I’d never seen, and most of it looked damn good.  I’m a sucker for trying new things that don’t look gross, so I decided on a Classic Dutch Baby.

Dutch Baby

I was not disappointed.  It was great, not a huge heavy meal or too light and fluff.  Not sweet at all, except the powdered sugar topping.  The lemon was the perfect counterpoint.

Once I got home, I decided that I needed to learn how to make it.  I found that it was remarkably simple – whip up your eggs and flour, put it in a sizzling pan in the oven.  The recipe and method I used I go here.  No, it’s not as pretty as the one on Elmer’s menu, but it was still pretty good, and with the powdered sugar and lemon even my roommate had a second serving.

The large recipe took 6 eggs – one day of my girls’ hard work.  I think it would be a fun recipe to try with kids around, because you pour it in the hot pan, put it in the oven and POOF – it comes out all huge and inflated.  My teenager is a little old to be impressed too much, but smaller kids…I think they’d like it.

Anyway – try it out.  It looks like it is quite accepting of toppings, so have fun!

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