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I know you’re all thinking that I decided to keep chickens because of the eggs, or because I love animals, or maybe just to drive my roommate nuts, but you are incorrect if you do.

The real reason I wanted chickens?  The fabulous accessories.

First, of course, is the coop.  If I’d had my way, I would have spent close to $2000 on this baby:

After shipping, it’s a spendy little guy.  But so damned cute.  And, it comes in fashion colors!

There are two other models as well, for those with fewer chickens, and the company also makes rabbit hutches, guinea pig hutches, and bee hives (“Beehaus”).  The simplicity of the designs makes me happy, the clean lines and the lack of wood to get soggy and splinter.  The wheels make it even better – you can just tote your chicken house around the yard.    The run also has a specially designed bottom edge, to keep out predators.

The Omlet website is also a great place to find other accessories…and lead me to hunting down more.

Spiral Egg Holder

Like this.  I love it – it’s space saving, and would make it much easier for egg-access.  Unfortunately, America has yet to realize that refrigerating eggs isn’t really necessary, so a lot of this type of item can only be found in the UK or other more civilized countries.

From what I’ve read, as long as the egg is unwashed, they can be left at room temperature for a couple of weeks.  Sounds good to me – I can keep the “give-away” eggs in the fridge, and the “keep” eggs on the counter.

For the record, says this:

The general rule is that if food items are at room temperature for more than 2 hours, the safest thing to do is to discard the product. If you leave eggs anywhere that is not refrigerated, the best thing to do is throw those eggs away and buy a new carton.

Wow.  2 hours.

I’ve never been a freak about refrigeration though.  I’ll keep pizza in the oven overnight and eat it the next day, and I haven’t died yet.  I regularly keep my eggs in the collecting basket until I have to take them out to refill it.

Moving on.

This is great:

I don’t like the “got chickens” part so much, it’s one of those things that’s been way over used, but I do appreciate the “my pet made me breakfast” concept.

Even over the winter, I got at least an egg a day.  I take it as a sign that my ladies love me, that they lay in the off-season even.

Now, something for the meter reader:

Chicken Attitude SignIt’s only fair that he get a warning when he enters the back yard, right?

My girls are generally shy of strangers, but they don’t always realize at first that it’s not me and come running willy-nilly from all parts of the yard. I imagine that this could be disconcerting for some people.

Although…it could save us some money on the gas bill…

Ok, one final thought.  As Seen On TV:

Egg Genie
WARNING: Clicking image takes you to site with video!

I really like this idea.  Perfect eggs…every time.  Seems like I get them perfectly soft boiled when I need them hard, and vicey-versy.

Besides…it comes with a free Bacon Wave!  I may need to start raising pigs!

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