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Today, some Egg news and a silly little chicken video.

I have six hens, and they have been pretty consistant layers. Every now and then one would skip a day, but no big deal. Recently though, I’ve only been getting 4 eggs a day, every day. For about two weeks this happened. Part way into it I realized that one of the “missing” eggs was actually being laid soft-shelled, and was sat upon by a hen and squished into the bedding. Sad little eggy. The other, I don’t know.

But today, all of my brown eggs where there – including one very odd shaped egg. I’m used to getting the occasional double-yolker, but today it was not the size but the shape that made me go, hmmm.

odd egg.

The odd egg, shown here with a typical egg.

As you can see, it’s not a normal egg. My heart goes out to the chicken who laid it. It can’t have been comfortable. It’s got me wondering now though…I saw a video once where they had an egg inside an egg. Maybe that’s what happened! I supposed I’ll have to have eggs tomorrow for breakfast…and have the camera ready just in case.

Now for the silly chicken video. Every time I go out back, the chickens come running. And if I wander around the yard, they follow me. So today, I walked backwards, camera in hand, to show the world how cute my ladies are. Turken is missing, she was busy having an egg.



I found out today that my hometown just passed an ordinance allowing 4 chickens (hens) within the city limits. What makes it more fun is that the mayor who signed it, he used to be my Social Studies teacher. His wife is now my brother’s teacher.

Bonus: Checking Facebook not an hour after I found this out, I see a post from someone who went to that same school with me, graduated in the same class, is now a teacher there. His post? ” I am the proud papa of 4 chickens now!”.


Chickens are Revolting


Via Community Chickens, I came across this today.

That’s a short trailer for a full-length video, which I’ll likely be ordering on DVD. It’s for a good cause!

The website associated with this is pretty clever – and as we know, if it’s not clever, it won’t get much attention.
The Chicken Revolution

Now, where I live the laws are a little…ambiguous. I’m in unincorporated country territory, between a 2-hen city and a completely unknown quantity (chicken-wise). I’ve attempted to look up the rules for this area, but there is nothing that makes sense that I can find. A very old zoning ordinance says that I’d need something like 4000 sq ft. per chicken – my kid doesn’t even get that. In fact, she doesn’t get 1/10 that. So why would a chicken need that? They don’t, but as you can see in this blog, that’s likely not the point.

No livestock, but large pets are acceptable. Reason: Ostensible reasons are health based, a few even broadly grounded in fact, real reason is that pets, which have no purpose other than companionship and cost money, are broadly a sign of affluence, while livestock are a sign of poverty, because they provide economic benefits.”

It’s kind of crazy. I imagine that if my neighbors have a problem with it, they’d say so. But so far, after having 6 chickens in my back yard for more than a year now, I haven’t heard a peep. Hell, they didn’t even complain when I had the rooster.

It’s not because I’m such good friends with my fence-neighbors, either. I don’t even know their names. We don’t get together and BBQ, or have block parties, or gossip about the other neighbors. I know they have some dogs, because we share a fence. I know they have a couple kids, because they found our bunny and brought it back one day. So really, there is no reason for them *not* to turn us in, should they desire to do so. I haven’t even brought them a dozen eggs! I should do that, now that I think of it.

I figure that chickens are a pretty good type of “pet” to have, actually. They keep decent hours, go to bed at dark and get up at daylight, they aren’t noisy, no barking, no worrying about finding them roaming the streets at all hours terrorizing small children and old people (like my cats do). They’re pretty easy on the neighborhood.

Point is…well, I guess it’s that there aren’t any good reasons to not allow them, legally. Like I said, the town next to us has a 2-hen limit, which is ok, but really, why not 4? Or 6? My 6 ladies are terribly happy in my back yard, having the run of it with the cats and dogs. Depending on their moods, I get between 4-6 eggs a day, which is enough to feed us plus have plenty left over for bartering. It’s how I paid to have my leaves blown in the fall, and the nematodes spread in the spring. It’s age-old – remember, Mrs. Ingalls used to pay Doc Baker in eggs sometimes!

Anway, support your local chickens. I won’t deny that there should be limits, just like on other domestic animals, but c’mon, why should we not be able to keep a couple chickens, give us that one area where we know where our food comes from?

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