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Happy Day!


Thursday, Turken started laying again. Today, I’ve got two green eggs along with the two brown. That means that the Aracaunas are laying as well, or at least one of them is. Buttercup is molting, finally, so no white eggs right now.

And it’s perfect timing, since I was intending to make breakfast for dinner tonight.

Secret chickens, crafty chickens.


I got a present in the mail today. A present nothing like the present I got from my cats the other day, except that both involved birds. Take a look:

This is great. It’s the perfect size for curling up on the couch, and better yet, it’s covered in secret (and not-so-secret) chickens!

This was made by my mother-in-law, she says it’s her first attempt at a lap quilt. Not bad at all, no. This might be the thing that keeps me from doing the rest of my chores today. Oh well, the chickens are fed and clean, the rest can wait until after my nap.

Underside view:

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