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Chick Update


I was able to let the new chicks outside for a while today, even though the weather didn’t cooperate. I put them in a large dog exercise yard, then scattered corn and egg for them to share with the older ladies. They seemed to enjoy it, after they realized the ground wasn’t going to eat them or something.

When it was time to come in, they weren’t ready. They didn’t show any sign of distress at all…until the rain started. Then they seemed quite happy to go back under their heat lamp.

Chickens and Chicks

Twinkles & Chicks

Twinkles watching the new chicks.



Today marks the first 6-egg day of the season! That means that all 6 of my ladies gave up an egg today! Good job, Turka, Princess Buttercup, Houdini, Sprinkles, Henery and Not-Henery.

Picking up hot chicks


I went to the local Wilco the other day…shouldna. Chick Days are DANGER. I came home with not only cat food and foxglove seeds, but two more chicks.
new chicks

Cute, huh? I’m not even sure what kind the larger one is. He had “Pecked Hieny Syndrome”. It’s sadly common in the big stock tanks they keep the chicks in, and they are careful to keep an eye out for it so they can separate the wounded. I happened to be there on a day, at a time, when there was a little black chick with a red, bleeding butt. I pointed it out to the lovely lady working that area, and seeing as we know each other, struck up a deal. Something like, “You want it?”, “Sure!”. Of course, she knows that I can’t get just one, and she knows that I already get my feed and everything there…so her $2.50 loss will probably end up making her a bundle off of me. Starting with a frizzle bantam as a buddy, and a bag of baby chicken feed.

She had me spray the wounded area of the chick with Blu-Kote, and off I went. I think the roommate was a bit miffed, and I haven’t exactly told the landlord…but since I don’t even know if I can keep them yet, I’ll worry about that later. Since I don’t remember which bin I plucked the hurt one from, I don’t know if that batch was straight-run or what. If it’s a boy, I’ll end up finding new homes for them both. I’m pretty sure, judging by wing shape, that the banty is female, but not the larger one there. It was already getting “real” feathers in when I got it, so…no telling.

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