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Time to say goodbye…


To Boris and Natasha.  They’re so damnably cute, I hate to give them up…but the crowing is likely to get me into trouble since I do live in town.  It’s hard to keep the chicken secret, when he himself is blabbing it all over town.

Yeah…and we did rename them.  Their original names just didn’t really suit them.  Boris and Natasha…that suits them perfectly.  So for the one day we have left with them, that is what they are.

Today, I sat out in the yard and read with the ladies (and gentleman) for a while. I did learn that eating toffee popcorn with chickens isn’t conducive to reading at all, but they got a treat and had a good time. I hope their new people give them treats.

Boys are Stupid


At least, they’re stupid when they were supposed to be girls.

Little Hermes has decided to be a rooster.  Not just physically male, but he’s already getting the mentality.  He’s started to try crowing in the morning, just a little “rr-rrrrrrr” but you know it’s just a matter of time before his voice changes.  And he’s challenging us – this little half-grown banty.  He’s pecking at our hands and feet if we get too close.

Sucky thing is, this means that the pair of them have got to go.  They’ve been at close quarters since they were days old, so I don’t want to separate them. That means losing the hen as well, but it just wouldn’t seem right.

So, if you know anyone in the Eugene/Springfield area who wants a pair of young chicks, lemme know.

They grow up so fast!


The new chicks finally have names – the larger (black sex-linked) has been named Inkblot, the bantam non-frizzled frizzle is Hermes, named for her winged feet.

I decided that they were getting too big for their small cage, even though they use it for sleeping. I set up the dog house I’d used for the older ladies when I first brought them home, and put the exercise yard around it. As soon as I took the cover off of the smaller cage, the ladies threw a hissy fit. Guess I won’t be integrating the flock any time soon.

Twinks, on the other hand, thinks that the new setup for the chicks is fantastic. She has a much better view now, and a more comfy spot to watch from.
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