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A New Kind of Flock


The pigeon has decided that it doesn’t care for being shut up in an enclosure.  It would prefer to be flying free – if not far.  So we decided to let him (I’m guessing “him” because of the coloration) try staying out one night – and he did just fine.  He went to the top of the hen house, about a foot away from Henery, and went to sleep.  It’s been two nights now, and so far so good.

Pigeon & Henery at rest

I’m not sure what he’ll do when it starts getting colder, since Henery will eventually start sleeping inside.  I may try making a nesting type arrangement for him over there.   Something like this, maybe. I’ve got the supplies, so I may as well try it.

In other news, I’ve been collecting pieces and parts to make a new hen house, or at least upgrade this one.  It’s very sturdy, structurally, but not very pretty.  I got some vinyl shutters for ventilation, a glass pane window that I think will replace the nesting box door, and lots of Ideas.

It probably won’t start coming together until mid-September, so I’m hoping the weather cooperates with me somewhat.  I don’t seem to be very awesome at making things like this look pretty, unfortunately.  I find myself really wishing that my more artsy friends lived nearer, so I could bribe them with fresh eggs and baked goods in exchange for their skills.

I mean, I could barter.  That’s what it’s called, right?  Non-monetary exchange of goods and services.

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“A New Kind of Flock”

  1. On September 22nd, 2011 at 6:17 pm Erin Says:

    this neat chiken book reminded me of your small flock

    The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

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