The Secret Chicken

stories of a secret chicken

Not a chicken


It’s a pigeon.

Last week, my daughter found a mostly-grown pigeon on the ground beneath an overpass.  It didn’t try to get away when she walked close, so she was a little concerned.  She pulled a piece of fabric out of her Bag of Holding and wrapped it up, then brought it to me.

We took it home, poked and prodded until we were sure there were no broken bits, but realized that it couldn’t move it’s legs. They just dangled there.  So, no way we could set it back out in the “wild” of the underpass.  We dusted it with DE, fed it, watered it, put it in a clean pet carrier…and named him “Flipper” *

After several days of taking it out for exercise, it seems to be getting its land legs a bit.  I enclosed a shelf on the potting rack outside for it to live in, but we take him to the yard as well to hop in the grass.  At first, its feet just dangled there.  But I think it’s getting better.  I am pretty sure I saw it push up to sort of walk, indicating that the legs are at least partially functional.  The feet are still flopping there at the end, but it’s progress.

The hope is that at some point it will be able to push off enough to catch air, maybe fly around the yard.  I don’t know if it will ever be able to live “out there”, but at least get a little adventure in.


* Not my choice of names. My daughter found it, so she got to name it. I was suggesting Johnny (as in Eck) but she didn’t like it.

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