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Baby, it’s cold outside!


It’s just over 52°F right now, according to Weather Underground.  Cold.  I’ve yet to break down and turn the heat on inside, but I do feel sorry for the poor nekkid chickens out back.

Turken, molting

Turken started out with a naked neck, but now…she’s pretty ridiculous looking.  In fact, Houdini and Sprinkles went through awkward molts this year as well.  Not-Henery just magically changed from old feathers to new, gradually.  No sign of molt yet for Henery or Buttercup.  In fact, Buttercup is the only one still laying eggs.  It’s really too bad, since bartering with eggs is how I get my front yard leaves taken care of…

Oh well.  Guess I’ll go rake, and treat the ladies to some leftover lasagna.  That should warm them up a bit.  Myself?  Maybe after raking, a nice hot Ovaltine.  With a dash of vodka.

Sprinkles, molting

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