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Mau Update, or, What the Heck, Cat?


This is Mau, enjoying the heat.

Ok, he’s really not happy with the weather around here right now.  But he’s taking his medicine, and hopefully that will keep him out of the vet’s office for the time being.

I’ve been trying to give him a bit of milk, to help keep his internals flowing (if you get my meaning), but as he doesn’t care for people food in any form, it’s been challenging.  The best we’ve been able to do is mixing a couple tablespoons of milk with a couple tablespoons of canned food (and his medicine) and hoping he eats it all.  Of course, being a cat, he doesn’t care for being hovered over either.

But we remain hopeful, and Mau’s a tough kitty.

Update! or No Gnus is Good Gnus


This just in!  No gnus!

No gnus is good gnus!

Just wanted to let you all know that Mau seems to be doing fine…he’s a little limp from the heat out here, but other than that, not bad at all.

(halfway there, he gave up. It’s just too hot to care about hind legs)

He’s done with the antibiotics, for which we are both grateful.  Now it’s just the medicine for his internals, which he’ll be taking for as long as we both shall live, according to the doc.  Fortunately, it can be mixed with canned food without Mau rejecting it, so guess who’s getting treats every night now?

Also, I want to thank all of you who have helped, financially or with moral support or with links and nagging (special thanks to Sumiko, who’s doing all that and more). And a person I don’t even really know from Requiem Rose Designs is donating proceeds from a jewelry set to Mau.

I can honestly say that knowing I’ve got this support, I am breathing easier.  Mau…well, he never knew there was a problem other than his tummy, but if he did, he’d mau in your general direction as well.

Mau II


I’ve had several people offer help for Mau, for which I am eternally grateful. This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing offer though.

Requiem Rose Designs is selling a collection of jewelry whose profits will go towards Mau’s care. Even if it weren’t for a good cause…it’s some pretty amazing stuff.

Click through the picture to see the rest.  Even if you hate cats, you might be suckered in to this deal…

The Mau-O-Meter


Mau = Cat


The picture you see here is of Mau. He’s not a chicken. He’s a cat.  An awesome cat.

Here’s a little history on Mau.
Many years ago (like 7 maybe), I called up a friend who had a friend who attracted strays like some people collect Precious Moments figurines.  Not on purpose, they just kept showing up on her doorstep.  A couple days later, he calls me back.  A cat showed up on her doorstep.  A cow-cat.  With a black nose.  And a wicked-ugly injury on his back.  Did I want him?  YES.

So I went and picked him up.  He was filthy, his back was shaven and the wound cleaned.  He wasn’t able to fully control his back legs, but seemed to get around all right.  They estimated he was about 9 months old.  He opened his mouth and said…well, he said MAU.  Like a cat and a cow had a freaky duet.  Thus, his name.

So my point in writing this today is that now, after all this time of being Mau the Invincible, he’s spending the  night at the vet’s.  Impacted bowels.  How undignified, right?  Not like those cute little two-legged puppies that people ooh and aah over and make them little carts for their missing legs.  So completely unglamorous.  Unfortunately, just as long-lasting.  Just as puppy legs won’t grow back, neither will his bowels ever again be at 100%.

But the thing is, this visit is probably going to cost more than a whole paycheck, and for those “paycheck to paycheck” types (like myself) it’s a huge blow.  And a huge bill that I can’t even begin to figure out how to pay.  That’s where you come in.

This is a Donate button.

It will take you to a page where you can donate as much as you desire to the cause of Mau.  You have my promise that any funds donated will go to Mau care, either directly to his vet bill or the medication they say he’ll have to be on for the rest of his life.  Vulcan’s Honor.

If you like, you can lend instead – seriously.  If you make a note in your donation that you are lending, not donating, I will do my damnedest to pay you back at some future date.  Again, Vulcan’s Honor.  I can’t make any promises about when it will be, but It Shall Be Done.

So please, consider doing this.  Show your friends.  Hell, show you enemies, I’m not proud.
Mau is a fantastic cat.  He’s our luck dragon, our manly-man, our kitten keeper-in-liner.  Look at this face and try to say no.

Mau, Luck Dragon

Mau is home, seems to be doing ok.  He’s awful stinky, but I guess that goes with the territory of his condition, and will go away.  He’s also doing a lot more curling up with us, but I suppose that’s to be expected as well. He had a hard couple days.

He’ll be on two kinds of medication for a week, then one for ever.  Fortunately, it’s something I can mix in his food, and fortunately, it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be.  Yay!


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