The Secret Chicken

stories of a secret chicken

Holanda, Holanda


The entire purpose of this post is to show you a ridiculous video of my chickens eating a popsicle.

Yeah, that’s it. Nothing else.

Oh and the sounds you are hearing are a combination of the music on my MP3 player, the chickens hootling, traffic on the road going by our house, and an occasional exclamation or giggle from myself (the exclamation being from when one of them nibbled my toe off-camera).

Gorgeous Shiny Chicken Machine!


No, not this one. My sister sent me this picture from when she went to the Emu-Z-Um this month.

It would be a great addition to my household, I think. I could put one in the front yard – think of the money I’d make!

Picking up hot chicks


I went to the local Wilco the other day…shouldna. Chick Days are DANGER. I came home with not only cat food and foxglove seeds, but two more chicks.
new chicks

Cute, huh? I’m not even sure what kind the larger one is. He had “Pecked Hieny Syndrome”. It’s sadly common in the big stock tanks they keep the chicks in, and they are careful to keep an eye out for it so they can separate the wounded. I happened to be there on a day, at a time, when there was a little black chick with a red, bleeding butt. I pointed it out to the lovely lady working that area, and seeing as we know each other, struck up a deal. Something like, “You want it?”, “Sure!”. Of course, she knows that I can’t get just one, and she knows that I already get my feed and everything there…so her $2.50 loss will probably end up making her a bundle off of me. Starting with a frizzle bantam as a buddy, and a bag of baby chicken feed.

She had me spray the wounded area of the chick with Blu-Kote, and off I went. I think the roommate was a bit miffed, and I haven’t exactly told the landlord…but since I don’t even know if I can keep them yet, I’ll worry about that later. Since I don’t remember which bin I plucked the hurt one from, I don’t know if that batch was straight-run or what. If it’s a boy, I’ll end up finding new homes for them both. I’m pretty sure, judging by wing shape, that the banty is female, but not the larger one there. It was already getting “real” feathers in when I got it, so…no telling.

Until next time…

Beat that, KFC.


I’m ashamed to admit that I gave in and went with the kid to KFC last week.  I’ve been sort of avoiding them, because of all I’ve heard about their crappy oversight of their suppliers, who apparently treat their chickens poorly.  I’m not a vegetarian, but I just don’t think it’s necessary to be cruel to the animals before you eat them.  Whether or not we consider them intelligent isn’t the issue; they can still feel pain, and they can still be distressed by living in crappy conditions.

Anyway.  I was punished – the food wasn’t even that good.

In fact, I can honestly say that I can do a bucket of chicken much better than the Kolonel could ever dream of.

One More Reason to Love Chickens


They like green tea.

“So what?”, you might say…but think about this:

Chickens not only can eat green tea grounds, but they benefit from it.  They have fewer parasites, which leads to healthier chickens and therefore healthier eggs.

“So what?”, you might say…but think about this:

Green tea grounds come from making green tea.  Green tea can be used to make Thai iced tea.  So, it stands to reason that for the sole benefit of my lovely ladies, I must consume more Thai iced tea.

The chicken gods are smiling on us, this day.

I’ve been buying instant Thai tea in single-serve packets, and thought I’d save some money by getting a larger packet instead.  I didn’t pay enough attention though, and ended up with just plain ol’ Thai tea.  Panthai Thai Tea

Fine…I did some googling and found that it’s not a complicated thing, making your own Thai tea.  I made it stovetop this time, but I’ll probably try making it in the coffee pot next time, see how that turns out.

Anyway, I made a big batch and stored the resulting tea in a 1/2 gallon mason jar.  That did leave me with a large mess of used tea leaves, and what the heck do you do with that?

I’ve somehow turned into one of those people who actually care about food leavings.  Probably the chickens did it to me, because every time I have scraps I think, “garbage, or chickens?”.  With tea I wasn’t sure though.  I have been tossing out a bit of coffee grounds for them, maybe once a week, but I had no idea about tea leaves.  Google again.  And here is what I found: Green tea can help the immune system of the chickens.

Fantastic.  Now, I can drink my Thai tea, usually a special treat, as much as I like.  And I can feel good about it.  My chickens will be better for it, and that makes me happy.

Now, if only I could find a study that tells me that chickens benefit from eating chocolate wrappers.

Been a while…


but the ladies are doing just fine.

All six of them are laying now, on a pretty regular basis.  This means a lot of “anyone want eggs” posts on my facebook page now, but no one complains.

I learned a great recipe the other day that will help use up a days worth at a time – the Dutch Baby.

My sister was passing through on her way from the coast going home (back to Idaho), and we decided that instead of her trying to find my house, we’d meet up at a breakfast place near the freeway – Elmer’s.  I used to eat at the one in Tigard when we lived there, and have never been disappointed.

Well, either they’ve changed or it’s just different here, but it was not the same Elmer’s I was used to.  This isn’t a bad thing, not at all.  There were things on the menu I’d never seen, and most of it looked damn good.  I’m a sucker for trying new things that don’t look gross, so I decided on a Classic Dutch Baby.

Dutch Baby

I was not disappointed.  It was great, not a huge heavy meal or too light and fluff.  Not sweet at all, except the powdered sugar topping.  The lemon was the perfect counterpoint.

Once I got home, I decided that I needed to learn how to make it.  I found that it was remarkably simple – whip up your eggs and flour, put it in a sizzling pan in the oven.  The recipe and method I used I go here.  No, it’s not as pretty as the one on Elmer’s menu, but it was still pretty good, and with the powdered sugar and lemon even my roommate had a second serving.

The large recipe took 6 eggs – one day of my girls’ hard work.  I think it would be a fun recipe to try with kids around, because you pour it in the hot pan, put it in the oven and POOF – it comes out all huge and inflated.  My teenager is a little old to be impressed too much, but smaller kids…I think they’d like it.

Anyway – try it out.  It looks like it is quite accepting of toppings, so have fun!

You can do this:


Or this: