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Wu-Mu Spicy Flavor Tomato Ramen. It is non-fried and no any other preservatives added. The quality is health and satisfaction. You can set your mind at ease, because we can guarantee your expenditure.

First off, this product comes in a package of 4 bricks, with seasoning and oil packets separate.  You boil your water, cook your noodles, add your packets.

Now, the packets.

I should learn to check the ingredients on the packages, rather than just reading the somewhat humorous translations, huh?  Instead, I waited until I’d had somewhat of a shock at the first bite.

Yes, it was spicy.

Now, understand that I learned many years ago that when you eat in an Asian restaurant, don’t trust that cute little bottle of brightly colored oil that they so casually place on the table.  I’m not a complete wimp when it comes to spicy food, but I do rather like to taste it, rather than have my face concentrating on that heat.

Point is, after eating that first bite, I checked the ingredients.  Oil packet includes: Soybean oil, sesame oil, capsicum oil.

Gee, wonder if that’s going to be spicy?

So, for this wimpy white girl, the oil packet will probably be left out in future preparations.  Overall, it is some good stuff though.  The noodles are firm, the seasonings pretty tasty.  I can imagine additions such as pork slices, boiled egg, I can see it making a good cold noodle dish for the summer as well.

Overall score: Ease of use, quality and tastiness; I give it a thumbs up.