on July 11, 2010 in Shiny Things

My new favorite thing, especially in the heat of summer, is to make dinner in the rice cooker. My roommate looks askance at me for it, to him a rice cooker is for cooking rice.

But you know what? You can take a box of Zatarain’s, put it in the rice cooker with an extra cup of brown rice and enough water to cover your first knuckle when resting the tip of your finger on the top of the rice, push the button. Tonight I added a half-pound of sliced kielbasa, and there’s your dinner.

I’m reading now that you can make all sorts of other things with them.   An older article in the NY Times introduced me to the concept of using a rice cooker as a sole cooking surface.  It’s apparently common in hotter climates, where using a stove or oven would make heat unbearable.

Like right now, here.  So I’m thinking, as soon as is financially feasible, I’m going to be investing in a new rice cooker.  The one we have is a little 4-cup, single-button guy.  Perfect for what I’ve been doing so far, but I could do so much more…

I’ll be choosing from here, most likely:

Choose your own adventure

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