Mis-Spanic Rice

on July 16, 2010 in Recipes

I don’t know what to call this, but damn, it turned out so good. It was sort of like Spanish rice, but I don’t want anyone smacking me for calling it that.

Here’s what it was:

Brown rice in the rice cooker. Water to the first knuckle. Added a can of diced, stewed tomatoes (non-seasoned). Added a tablespoon or so of fresh minced garlic (thank you, Sunrise!) Added both of these:
Pico & Carne

Put the cover on, pushed the button. If you read my last post, you’ll see that I have a very very basic, small rice cooker. So of course, some of the liquid burbled out over the top.

While that was cooking, I took some pork parts…basically a package of odd pieces I got at the grocery for cheap. Sliced them all about 1/2 an inch, poured on a little olive oil and the seasonings shown above, as well as a ton of fresh ground pepper. Let that sit for a while.

When the rice cooker popped, I left it sitting on Warm while I cooked the meat and tossed one of those steam-in-the-bag packages of corn in the microwave. The meat I cooked pretty high, since it wasn’t cut thick. I wanted it seared a bit, and it turned out great. I guess there’s enough sugar in the seasonings I used that it caramelized just a bit. When that was ready, I turned to the rice.

Into a big bowl went about half the rice, the corn and a small can of sliced olives. mix mix mix. A dollop of sour cream for me, but the roommate had it without and though it was damn good. Served up with the meat, it was one hell of a meal.

And since it was mostly cooked in the rice cooker, it didn’t heat the house overly much.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to duplicate it exactly again, but I hope so. I’m eating the leftovers today, and it might actually be better. The meat sat on the rice in the fridge, so it’s all sort of blended together. Really good.

Go eat.

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  1. I don’t totally agree on the recipe, but regardless a very well written post – I’ll link back from my Online Spanish Lesson web site in the comments, when I get time.

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