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I made a turkey today.  My first one, for real.  I’ve done turkey roasts, but never full-blown turkey carcass.  I googled, I called mothers, I read packages.  I started it at 3:20 pm, and we had dinner at 10:10pm.

I had picked up an electric turkey roaster at work, hoping it worked ok.  Turns out, it didn’t.  But it did at first, so I didn’t realize that it wasn’t working until it had been off for about an hour.  Into the oven.

Having never made a turkey before, I had no idea how to carve, cut, chop…nope.  I hacked a piece off for myself and left the others to their fate.  Told the kid to have a drumstick, but she couldn’t get it off so the roommate tried to help.  He pulls on the end…and the bone slides right on out.  There he stands, naked turkey drumstick in hand, while we stand there unhelpfully giggling.

In any case, it all tastes great.  I’d put in thick onion slices and minced garlic under the turkey, and baby carrots and wedges of potatoes on the sides when it was partly cooked (yeah, that was when I realized that the roaster was no longer heating).  Gravy was made, even with soy milk it was pretty damn good.  Probably the Hunters Blend and sage in the drippings.  And the extra black pepper, white pepper…good stuff.

So the moral of the story is, don’t be afraid of trying to cook stuff, even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.  It might turn out like garbage…but it might not.  It might just be really really good.

I mean, doesn’t she look like she just loves it?

two turkeys

(crappy picture, I know.  Took it on the webcam)

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