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It’s that time again…a trip to Sunrise Asian Market.

First we decided to start off its something quick and easy:

It’s instant! It is almost identical to hot-water ramen, but it is not the same at all. Have you ever crunched up the ramen in the package and put the seasoning in and eaten it like that? Well, those are the directions for this. It comes in a few flavors, and today I tried sweet and sour. The ‘noodles’ were slightly different and were easier to break. My only complaint?  The flavor I tried was just a little spicy, and I am a big huge wimp. Here is a short educational video on the prep process:

Next, we broke into the cookies. We have had this kind before, but we thought we would share the love. They are coconut butter biscuits. They are lovely fluffy-crisp rectangles where the center is butter flakey under a thin veneer of wonderful sweet coconut.

Next, we tried something interesting. A mix of two good things. Pizza samosas. I’ve had samosas, they give me great joy. I’ve had pizza, I am not impressed with it. These taste just like samosa outsides with green pepper sausage pizza inside.

To drink: a favorite of mine, orange yogurt drink. It’s thick and sweet and delightful.

Bonus Video!  Special Guest Star, Guy Who Runs Sunrise!

I got some awesome gingerdead men cookie cutter/press from my “bestie” of many years (don’t ask how many “many” is, I try not to think about it).

Not having any good, fresh ginger around, I got a recipe from a cousin for chocolate gingerbread. I figured the chocolate would make up for the stale ginger powder, right?

Ah, if only that had been the worst of my problems.

I made a few changes to the recipe. I used special dark chocolate chips, demerara sugar, dark molasses. Otherwise I left it alone.

Let me say that the world can breathe a sigh of relief that I am not involved in any kind of medical care. The carnage is pretty ugly.

The results…the cookie cutters are great. The recipe was pretty good, with my adjustments.
The baker…could really use some work.

wanted to extend my sorries to you all, as another week passes where no post has been made. school is back in session and i have been learning how to make and sell things.

so, today we get the overview of school food. every school has its own type. my middle school had terrible food. soggy pizza, crunchy rolls, and broccoli cheese that threatened mankind. as an experiment, a friend took one of the salad crunchy and dipped it in the mac and cheese sauce, then tossed it at the wall. it stuck, rather successfully. about a year later it was finally gone. it was depressing. but the day we all were excited and terrified of the most was chicken burger day. i have always had a thing against bland food, so i always added all the sauces. all of them. barbecue, salsa, sour cream, ketchup, relish, and sometimes fruit. this was terrifing for the people near me, as it was a rather messy creation, and they were curious, but usually not enough to try some. untill my lovely best friend at the time asked what it tasted like.


“really?” so she tried it. “oh, yeah. you are right.”

duh, i would not have made it, eaten it and told you that if i had not ment it.


anyway, now i am in high school, and the second one at that. the first one had good, if bland and quantity lacking food. but the new one is very health conscious and understands that we wont eat it if it is not tasty. daily we have 4 choices. a sandwich place like a fake subway, a pizza station, fake Mexican food, and  a place with a different daily choice. the daily choice is generally delicious. burger mondays, pasta wednesday and the occasional turkey gravy day. but on calzone days, and a few others, that is not my thing, so i seek refuge elsewhere. i made the mistake of trying the pizza, and the crust was gooey. not like, slightly doughy in that way most people don’t like but i find makes my heart flutter, more like, they did not cook it entirely and the sauce seeped in and ruined the structural integrity. it was a pizza to mourn for.

i also eat breakfast at school on mornings i am not late. bagels, cereal, yogurt and frozen fruit “parfait”, a daily hot choice (usually pancakes or waffles or somesuch) and milk or orange juice. after a spazzy morning last year when i ended up with cereal and juice and no milk, i found that rice crispy in orange juice are actually delicious.

also, i love the lunch ladies. two of them recognize me and say hi daily. they ask if i am sleeping better and how i feel and comment on my outfits and hair colors. they are so sweet.


one last thing. school does try to keep me alive, but recently i ended up with bonus metabolism. i know, people hate me; but i have to eat so much to keep a steady weight and more if i want to gain and i am trying right now. so not just school food.

first food is before i leave the house. generally a frozen burrito or toast or something fast like that.

then school breakfast

in my bag, grainola bars, onigiri, bags of snacks, little single serving packages of things, hard boiled eggs. anything i can pack.

then school lunch. i load my plate off the salad bar also, in an attempt to blot out the hunger.

more snacks to follow.

then home, another snack

and eventually dinner.


p.s., a lovely friend of mine introduced me to moon pies. not the marshmallow kind. the ones with the bright yellow thing in the middle. delicious Asian food. except the yellow part. none of us liked that. the rest was good, but that one part was unfortunately unpalatable by all of us.


anyway, much love and promises of our backed material asap.

1. Prepare 100c.c cooling water, and put it into the blender.
2. Add Magic Coffee Mocha into the blender.
3. Prepare 500c.c lump of ice.
4. Mixing and adding 1.2.3 into the blender. The Magic Coffee Mocha is complete.

These are the exact instructions from the package of Magic Mocha that I mixed up today. Once I figured out what c.c meant, I was mostly able to ignore the directions and mix it to taste.

Of course, “to taste” today means “with Irish Cream”. And it’s pretty good.

The moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to try something new. Even if the directions make it sound like you need a doctor’s order for it.

Not our usual day for the Asian market, but who’s gonna stop us?  Huh?  No one?  Didn’t think so.

Today,  we were trying to shop on the cheap (because, you know, we’re cheap), and picked a lot of what we got because it was on sale.  It all fit with our, “try something new” thing, and it was all pretty durn tasty.

It went a little like this.

And for “speed review” of all the items shown here:

Today’s adventures at the Sunrise Asian Market:

  • a spiral creme horn
  • mystery drink
  • red pumello
  • hi-soft candy
  • coco rico

The creme horn was everything we hoped for.  Sweet, bread, creamy and delicious.  Until my assistant felt the need to point out the similarities between the creme filling and Crisco*.

The Hi-SOFT candy we were excited about, as it included ingredients like cream cheese and molasses.

Well, it tastes a lot like caramel.  Like the little chewy caramel candies.  Good, but not all we had hoped for.

Coco Rico was a coconut flavored soda.  It was coconuty, and bubbly, but it tasted…white.  Kind of like knowing that the red Popsicles all taste the same: red.  This tasted white.


The red pumello was not red. but we got video.

And our final installation, also in video format, was our mystery drink, which was in a can that was written in a language I don’t know.

Thanks for tuning in, and we are going to try and update more often.

*Note from Assistant: I actually said “whipped Crisco and sugar”.


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We made a trip to Sunrise today, in search of oyster sauce and fresh garlic.  And treats.

I like to get something we’ve never tried before when we go to Sunrise (or Uwajimaya, or any of the Mexican markets, or any other food place that I don’t got to often).  Today there were two things new:

Banana Puffs. Wow – so weird to eat. Even knowing that they are banana flavored, my mind couldn’t connect the puffs with anything other than salty “cheese”, so it was just…odd. But tasty – I have a sick love for fake-banana flavor. Oh wait! The ingredients actually show Banana Powder! Amazing. I need to get more of these.
Nong Shim Banana Puffs

These were the candy choice. I had no idea what they were when I got them, I just thought the shape was cute and the ingredients didn’t look too bad. Turns out they taste kind of like a cross between Milkita and Ricola. And they are surprisingly good.

So, the moral of the story is: Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if you can’t figure out what the heck it is. I mean, within reason and all.

carnivals. rides, screaming children, animals and of course food on sticks. food you can’t get anywhere else. and, i fell in love.




they put a snickers on a stick, batter it, deep fry it, and put a little chocolate sauce on it to hold the bacon bits in place. while the people i was eating with were not brave enough to get their own, and got a simple deep friend Twinkie, i had to have one of these. so, after a quick call to my financial advisor, i got one. it was warm, gooey, crunchy, sweet, greasy, salty… everything i ever wanted from a piece of food. after i took the first bite and declared it delectable, the others all wanted bites. i was tempted not to share. but, as a good friend, i had an obligation to let them join my reverence. they all agreed, it was good. but, my good friend attitude only extends that far and a second pass-around was out of the question. i ate the rest. promptly i wished i had a bit more spare cash for another. alas i did not. i had to live with only that much. but next year, i will need to go again, and get another. more than one most likely. 10 more months until i can yet again be subject to the awesome of the deep fried bacon snickers.

I got the recipe from the Betty Crocker website.  First thing I thought was OOOH that looks so good.  Second thing, why did they use peanuts instead of walnuts?

Therefor, I waited until I could get to the store and buy walnuts before I made them.

Let me say this: I am not a wimp when it comes to rich foods.  I love ‘em.  A little too much, perhaps.  But this right here…it’s borderline death.  Mostly because of the 4 cups of powdered sugar used just for the filling.  Really good, but really, really sweet and rich.

It was like someone took the best parts of a maple bar and shoveled it onto a brownie.  Maybe with a backhoe or something.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Verdict: good stuff, but if I were to make them again, I’d make some modifications.

I’d decrease the amount of filling.  There has got to be a better way than using 4 cups of sugar to make it thick, I just have to figure it out.

I’d probably make it in a 9×9 pan or a regular brownie pan, instead of the 9×13 it calls for.  Even with a reduced amount of filling, I think it sort of overwhelms the chocolaty happiness of the brownies.

I’d stick with walnuts.  Save the peanuts for…dunno, squirrels or something.

But overall, not a bad brownie.

It was shopping day, and many foods were bought, hauled home, and tried out.

  • Doritos that taste like Cheeseburgers.  The first joke was, I should have gotten them with pickles.  Second joke was, You should have gotten them with Baconaise.  Here’s the thing though – they actually taste like a cheeseburger – with pickles.  A touch of mustard. Mayo, ketchup.   Cheese and bun.  Meaty, I don’t know how.  Crunchy and yet still that satisfying cheeseburger mélange that makes them so good.
  • Flings chocolate bars.  By Mars.  Victims of horrible marketing.  But really damn good.  They are directed towards women – naughty women. Not really naughty, just a little naughty.  WhateEver.  In my opinion, there are only two confections that need to be gender specific:  Yorkie and Pocky Men’s.  But back to Flings:  they are like chocolate meringue and chocolate truffle and chocolate coating and mica.  Yes, mica.  Like the mineral.  I get the impression that they failed in their test market, and that’s how they ended up at the Grocery Outlet.  But they really are good.   I’ll be going back for more of those.
  • Wensleydale with Tiptree Marmalade (cheese).  It isn’t shown on the site, but that’s who made it.  I got it because I always like to try new cheeses.  I love cheese.  Cheese is wonderful.  Anyway, it’s an odd thing.  It’s like, gritty, but smooth and sharp but yes, it has orange marmalade in it.  It’s odd.  I think I’ll like it.  I think I’d really like it on crackers, but I don’t think I have any crackers that would be good for them.  Maybe Ritz, or something similar.

I love going to the Grocery Outlet.  But it can be dangerous.