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I got some awesome gingerdead men cookie cutter/press from my “bestie” of many years (don’t ask how many “many” is, I try not to think about it).

Not having any good, fresh ginger around, I got a recipe from a cousin for chocolate gingerbread. I figured the chocolate would make up for the stale ginger powder, right?

Ah, if only that had been the worst of my problems.

I made a few changes to the recipe. I used special dark chocolate chips, demerara sugar, dark molasses. Otherwise I left it alone.

Let me say that the world can breathe a sigh of relief that I am not involved in any kind of medical care. The carnage is pretty ugly.

The results…the cookie cutters are great. The recipe was pretty good, with my adjustments.
The baker…could really use some work.

Today was the annual inventory day at work. That meant that we all came in after closing and counted. Everything. To make things a little more pleasant, some of us brought treats. My mom brought crackers and salmon/cream cheese spread, someone brought bakery cookies, I brought brownies, someone brought double-stuff Oreos.

The brownies were from scratch – first time I’ve ever done that. I am generally lazy and use a mix – not realizing all this time that brownies are so incredibly simple. I found a recipe online (it hurt me to use this site, but it was a great recipe), and used the brownie pan Mom got me for my birthday (self-serving gift if ever there was one).

They turned out fantastic. Really. I hate looking at That Woman and her Ever-Smiling Face, but it was worth it. I may add chips or something to it next time…or…

So I’m having an Oreo, realizing that the best part is the filling. Why can’t we just buy Oreo filling? Or make it ourselves? And, I dunno, use it to fill brownies? We should do that.

And we can.

And I will. Soon. As soon as we wake up from the sugar-coma brought on by the cookies and brownies tonight. Stay tuned!

My cousin Nariko Ott is a food enthusiast too! He has an idea for a Food Network show, called 4pm Breakfast. Here’s the pilot episode, “Breakfast Dessert”.

We will keep you updated with new episodes as they occur.

Not our usual day for the Asian market, but who’s gonna stop us?  Huh?  No one?  Didn’t think so.

Today,  we were trying to shop on the cheap (because, you know, we’re cheap), and picked a lot of what we got because it was on sale.  It all fit with our, “try something new” thing, and it was all pretty durn tasty.

It went a little like this.

And for “speed review” of all the items shown here:

Today’s adventures at the Sunrise Asian Market:

  • a spiral creme horn
  • mystery drink
  • red pumello
  • hi-soft candy
  • coco rico

The creme horn was everything we hoped for.  Sweet, bread, creamy and delicious.  Until my assistant felt the need to point out the similarities between the creme filling and Crisco*.

The Hi-SOFT candy we were excited about, as it included ingredients like cream cheese and molasses.

Well, it tastes a lot like caramel.  Like the little chewy caramel candies.  Good, but not all we had hoped for.

Coco Rico was a coconut flavored soda.  It was coconuty, and bubbly, but it tasted…white.  Kind of like knowing that the red Popsicles all taste the same: red.  This tasted white.


The red pumello was not red. but we got video.

And our final installation, also in video format, was our mystery drink, which was in a can that was written in a language I don’t know.

Thanks for tuning in, and we are going to try and update more often.

*Note from Assistant: I actually said “whipped Crisco and sugar”.

I found this Pocky ad on the back page of a Japanese magazine we got in at work last week.  I always wonder who donates them, you know?  Actually, I wonder that about a lot of stuff we get.


carnivals. rides, screaming children, animals and of course food on sticks. food you can’t get anywhere else. and, i fell in love.




they put a snickers on a stick, batter it, deep fry it, and put a little chocolate sauce on it to hold the bacon bits in place. while the people i was eating with were not brave enough to get their own, and got a simple deep friend Twinkie, i had to have one of these. so, after a quick call to my financial advisor, i got one. it was warm, gooey, crunchy, sweet, greasy, salty… everything i ever wanted from a piece of food. after i took the first bite and declared it delectable, the others all wanted bites. i was tempted not to share. but, as a good friend, i had an obligation to let them join my reverence. they all agreed, it was good. but, my good friend attitude only extends that far and a second pass-around was out of the question. i ate the rest. promptly i wished i had a bit more spare cash for another. alas i did not. i had to live with only that much. but next year, i will need to go again, and get another. more than one most likely. 10 more months until i can yet again be subject to the awesome of the deep fried bacon snickers.

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My new favorite thing, especially in the heat of summer, is to make dinner in the rice cooker. My roommate looks askance at me for it, to him a rice cooker is for cooking rice.

But you know what? You can take a box of Zatarain’s, put it in the rice cooker with an extra cup of brown rice and enough water to cover your first knuckle when resting the tip of your finger on the top of the rice, push the button. Tonight I added a half-pound of sliced kielbasa, and there’s your dinner.

I’m reading now that you can make all sorts of other things with them.   An older article in the NY Times introduced me to the concept of using a rice cooker as a sole cooking surface.  It’s apparently common in hotter climates, where using a stove or oven would make heat unbearable.

Like right now, here.  So I’m thinking, as soon as is financially feasible, I’m going to be investing in a new rice cooker.  The one we have is a little 4-cup, single-button guy.  Perfect for what I’ve been doing so far, but I could do so much more…

I’ll be choosing from here, most likely:

Choose your own adventure