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Food Fans

on June 3, 2010 in Websites | 1 Comment »

I’m a food fan, obviously.  In fact, everyone in my household is a food fan.  Including the dogs, cats and chickens.  Of course, we all have our favorites, and these are a few of mine:

Despite being somewhat disappointed in the quality of their colby-jack over the last few years, I still love their ice cream, and the other cheese are great.  Maybe because I’ve been a consistent buyer of the colby-jack, I’ve noticed the change while not noticing it in other types, I don’t know.  But I love their aged white cheddar for making mac & cheese, and the ice cream is fantastic.   They can also be followed on Facebook.

Their fan club is on Facebook, and they actually make posts to it!  Not everyone uses that power, and they use it in a way that is a little more fun.  I’m not the type to “fan” a group on Facebook and then block it when they start getting annoying – I just unfan.  But Red Vines does well – posts comments relevant and often funny, pictures of fans with their Red Vines, a while ago even a video from their plant, showing their new robot arms.

These were a local favorite of mine when I lived in the Portland area, not in small part because they had one of their chocolate cafe’s there.  It was a favorite place to meet with my best friend from high school, sit and relax and indulge.  Now, I live 100 miles away, but I can still torment myself with updates via email and Facebook.  Yay!

I guess that covers the main food groups (cheese, sugar and chocolate).  There are many, many websites for food products, but they must not have fans.