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It’s that time again…a trip to Sunrise Asian Market.

First we decided to start off its something quick and easy:

It’s instant! It is almost identical to hot-water ramen, but it is not the same at all. Have you ever crunched up the ramen in the package and put the seasoning in and eaten it like that? Well, those are the directions for this. It comes in a few flavors, and today I tried sweet and sour. The ‘noodles’ were slightly different and were easier to break. My only complaint?  The flavor I tried was just a little spicy, and I am a big huge wimp. Here is a short educational video on the prep process:

Next, we broke into the cookies. We have had this kind before, but we thought we would share the love. They are coconut butter biscuits. They are lovely fluffy-crisp rectangles where the center is butter flakey under a thin veneer of wonderful sweet coconut.

Next, we tried something interesting. A mix of two good things. Pizza samosas. I’ve had samosas, they give me great joy. I’ve had pizza, I am not impressed with it. These taste just like samosa outsides with green pepper sausage pizza inside.

To drink: a favorite of mine, orange yogurt drink. It’s thick and sweet and delightful.

Bonus Video!  Special Guest Star, Guy Who Runs Sunrise!