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carnivals. rides, screaming children, animals and of course food on sticks. food you can’t get anywhere else. and, i fell in love.




they put a snickers on a stick, batter it, deep fry it, and put a little chocolate sauce on it to hold the bacon bits in place. while the people i was eating with were not brave enough to get their own, and got a simple deep friend Twinkie, i had to have one of these. so, after a quick call to my financial advisor, i got one. it was warm, gooey, crunchy, sweet, greasy, salty… everything i ever wanted from a piece of food. after i took the first bite and declared it delectable, the others all wanted bites. i was tempted not to share. but, as a good friend, i had an obligation to let them join my reverence. they all agreed, it was good. but, my good friend attitude only extends that far and a second pass-around was out of the question. i ate the rest. promptly i wished i had a bit more spare cash for another. alas i did not. i had to live with only that much. but next year, i will need to go again, and get another. more than one most likely. 10 more months until i can yet again be subject to the awesome of the deep fried bacon snickers.