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It was shopping day, and many foods were bought, hauled home, and tried out.

  • Doritos that taste like Cheeseburgers.  The first joke was, I should have gotten them with pickles.  Second joke was, You should have gotten them with Baconaise.  Here’s the thing though – they actually taste like a cheeseburger – with pickles.  A touch of mustard. Mayo, ketchup.   Cheese and bun.  Meaty, I don’t know how.  Crunchy and yet still that satisfying cheeseburger mélange that makes them so good.
  • Flings chocolate bars.  By Mars.  Victims of horrible marketing.  But really damn good.  They are directed towards women – naughty women. Not really naughty, just a little naughty.  WhateEver.  In my opinion, there are only two confections that need to be gender specific:  Yorkie and Pocky Men’s.  But back to Flings:  they are like chocolate meringue and chocolate truffle and chocolate coating and mica.  Yes, mica.  Like the mineral.  I get the impression that they failed in their test market, and that’s how they ended up at the Grocery Outlet.  But they really are good.   I’ll be going back for more of those.
  • Wensleydale with Tiptree Marmalade (cheese).  It isn’t shown on the site, but that’s who made it.  I got it because I always like to try new cheeses.  I love cheese.  Cheese is wonderful.  Anyway, it’s an odd thing.  It’s like, gritty, but smooth and sharp but yes, it has orange marmalade in it.  It’s odd.  I think I’ll like it.  I think I’d really like it on crackers, but I don’t think I have any crackers that would be good for them.  Maybe Ritz, or something similar.

I love going to the Grocery Outlet.  But it can be dangerous.