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Fried egg sunrise

on September 28, 2011 in Experiences | No Comments »

this post is for dori, who was asking me how to make these yesterday.

let it be known, my mother makes the BEST fried egg sandwich. with my winter hibernation diet in full swing, i need to eat twice as often. so today’s before dinner snack was a half-sandwich.

single hand sunrise

bread, mayo, salt, pepper, heinz spicy katsup and a fresh from the coop egg fried over easy.

by over easy i mean “with the yolk runny and delicious” and if you are not careful you get very messy. keep a napkin handy, and be ready for drippings.


i want to thank mom for frying it up for me and the chickens for the brilliant eggs. i mean, look at this color

vivid gold

anyhow, thanks again for reading, and may the metaphor be with you.